Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today was BIG!

Last night i was so scared about my doctors appointment today.
I left the house at 0900 and headed for the docs.
I got the scooter out of my car
scooted across the parking lot

I was in the waiting room for 2.5 hours

then they put me in the cast room

one more hours passes

then a nurse comes in and starts cutting off my cast

MIKE-- ommm whats going on

NURSE "doc said to cut your cast off, so we can x-ray it"

MIKE -ok

the doc comes in (he is awesome) some small talk bla bla bla ... then he starts poking around at the fracture sight.
doc says
DOCTOR -" this is the bone right?'

MIKE -ya

DOCTOR - "that doesn't hurt?"

MIKE - well its tender

DOCTOR- thats great! lets get the x-ray

another hour passes

x--ray - led guard over balls

back in the cast room

30 minutes

DOCTOR (looking at the X-RAY) -  it looks great!

I smile


So now its time to work

Mission 1 -
Range of motion
done with boot off
ABCs with ankle
walking in pool

Mission 2
bearing weight

doctor said it is my job to get walking again

I can walk as much as the pain will let me

:( no crossfit for 3 more weeks but thats ok

The Days Mobility Progression
0700 am - scooter
0200 pm - 2 crutches starting to bare weight
0400 pm - walk around block with 1 crutch
0500pm - make a cane
0600pm - started walking

i am going to take it easy - hitting the pool in the morning - need to retrain my "gate"