Monday, December 19, 2011

27 Exercises or Movement with one Leg

This list will continue to grow with research and experimentation. It is a lot of work to compile but I wish it existed for me when i started this journey.

I will slowly build explanations for each movement ~ but if you have questions please ask.

1. Push ups
2. Pull ups (i call them green ups because i had to make a bar low enough for me to reach - 2 basic movement possibilities 1- good leg on the floor 2- fully in the air always protecting the injured leg)
3. band medley - bands full upper body movements
4. Arrowhead press - i am using a big water bottle to press weight above the head in a seated position
5. coffee table dips
6. medicine ball situps - when at the top press the ball over head
7. sit ups
8. shoulder stands
9. slosh pipe thrusters (seated or standing)
10. slosh pipe holds - just keep the thing still for periods of time! try it
11. Kettle Bell Medley - do research of KB movements then modify for one leg
12. one legged squats - i use straps for support - watch your form!!!!
13. distance with crutches (cardio)
14. clap push ups on knees (explosive movement)
15. good mornings weighted or not
16. super mans
17. hand strength (lots of stuff available at big 5 - squishy things that you squeeze - great while watching tv
18. finger tip push ups (on knees)
19. halos with medicine ball or KB
20. pvc - mobility movements - youtube it - endless stuff
21. rumble roller - mobility
22. weighted single leg dead lifts
23. side-leg clam - glut iso
24. softball roll - mobility
25. P90x- X- strech - modify it  and you can do 90% of the workout and stay limber
26. inside cast movements - flex and hyperflex the muscles in your cast (only if safe)
27. tens machine - kills pain and keeps the nerves going