Monday, December 26, 2011

review ~ donjoy iceman

donjoy iceman review 

Review- my mother in law had a knee replacement a few months ago and she swore by the donjoy iceman.  this is my 3rd day of using it.  It brings great pain relief and reduces swelling . I have been able to cut way down on the medication and raise my activity level.

It is way better then icing. and because the water is circulating you can ice for extended periods of time unlike direct ice


Product Description

IceMan - Ideal Application: The IceMan cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling and facilitates rehabilitation. It provides several hours of continuous cold therapy for a variety of conditions. Using a patented semi-closed loop system, the IceMan maintains a more constant and accurate temperature than competitor's system. Cold Pads - Ideal Application: DonJoy offers a variety of pad sizes to provide cold therapy to various areas of the body.

5.0 out of 5 stars This machine is amazing!, February 11, 2011
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This review is from: DONJOY 11-1421 Iceman w/ Universal, Sterile, RH(Regular Hose) (Health and Beauty)When I had my rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder, my doctor required me to go and rent this Iceman. He actually put it into use in the operating room as soon as my surgery was finished. You fill it with ice and water, just like a cooler, and it pumps the ice water though a pad that is hooked into the tubing that comes out of the cooler into the pad. It provides hours of ice to your extremity. It really is the very best way to apply the ice that you need without all the inconvenience of conventional ice packs. I loved it so much I went ahead and purchased it knowing that I will use it for many future bumps and bruises.
It is a little heavy packing it to your bedroom or easy chair but if worse came to worse you could wheel it around on a small cart.