Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pool, Hot Tub, and my favorite camp site in the world

Yesterday I was in a scooter - today I was in my favorite camping spot on the planet with my wife and son.  Some times a lot of good things happen.

1. Pool work
a. walking on the pool floor barefoot.  getting my gate back, just the act of walking in the pool hurt a lot.  but the doc said i need to break the scar tissue up.  30 minutes of water walking.
b. 30 minutes freestyle swimming - felt so good to swim

c. hot tub. orgasmic - did my ankle mobility work in the hot tub. wow great - if you can get in a hot tub do it!

After that we went for a drive.  I missed some hunting seasons so i really wanted to get to my favorite and see how it looked this winter.
Paradise road in santa barbara
dry - not much water this winter so far but very beautiful.

Tomorrow its back to training and rehab! Below are pictures from today.
Red Rock 
My favorite spot in the world

Good spot great people