Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tips for your psychological healing~ 12/13/2011

Recovery can be depressing! 

Here are some tips from other patients on how they kept their spirits up during a challenging recovery. To watch the video or read the message just click the appropriate area.

Psychological Healing VIDEO

Whether this was planned or unplanned, recovery can be down right depressing.

Hi, this is Tom with Goodbye Crutches. This time we will go through

tips and tricks we have gotten from patients on how they dealt with the

mental aspects of recovery. We will also introduce you to someone

we found truly inspirational.

Recovery is physically tough and can be mentally depressing. Things

you once could do are now out of the question .Your mobility has been limited. Your freedom

has been taken. Your life has been interpreted. Depression is real and here are some ways our

patients have told us they dealt with it.

First and most importantly, stay engaged! We hope that the solutions from Goodbye Crutches

help you get out enjoy life, but we realize there are still limitations. If you got this email then you

have access to an entire world. Join online groups and get answers from people going through

similar circumstances. You can share your story by joining communities like my

www.MyBrokenLeg.com or www.MyInjuredLeg.com or join us on Facebook and share your


You have had an ugly injury. It does not mean you have to have an ugly recovery. Check out

www.Castoos.com. They have decals that you can put on your cast to personalize it.

Did you have ever dream of having time to sit on the couch and do what ever you wanted. Well

your wishes been granted, some make the most of it. With the help of some patients we have a

list of 100 Things To Do While Recovering.

Things like…..

· Sign up for Netflix and watch all the movies you have never had time for.

· Read a book or a dozen

· Take out all your old photos and on the back write down the people who are in the photo,

where it was taken, and when it was taken.

· Each day call, email, or write a friend

· Better yet invite them over for lunch or dinner and have them bring launch your dinner.

· Color with the kids.

· Read the entire list by clicking on the link in the email.

The reality is you don’t have to be your injury, you don’t have to let it define

you. One person, more then any other taught us this. In October, a gentleman

called to ask if anyone had ever run a race using one of our products. He had

promised his wife and friend that he would run the Army 10 Miler in Washington

DC with them when they returned from serving in Iraq. A week before the race

Army Major J D Eskelson shattered his ankle requiring surgery. He knew he

couldn’t complete the race on crutches, but he knew he would complete the race.

On Friday he received his hand free crutch. On Saturday to the applause of the

crowd, he finished 10 miles on 1 foot. People told him he was inspirational. He didn’t see it that

way. He was inspired by those racers who passed him in wheel chairs that don’t have one good

leg. J.D. admitted it was more of a novelty in the race, but where he most appreciated it was in

the chow lines where as a grown man he did not have to ask anyone to carry his tray. Maybe you

won’t run a race, but you will do something that inspires someone. Turn your ugly injury into a

better recovery.

We hope that list gave you an idea of few things you can do. When you do please make sure you

send us a picture, drop us an email, or post them on Facebook. We will add you to our

inspirational wall.

Next Time

Next time we will talk about different solutions that patient have come up with for dealing with

the problems of recovering on one foot. So until next time from all of us at Goodbye Crutches,

we thank you, it’s our honor and our privilege to serve you.