Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rumble Roller Review ~ this is a MUST!!!!!!

Rumble Roller Review
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Review:  This little torture machine will make your cry.  You roll around on it find the most painful spot then hold that spot for between 60 and 120 seconds.  It hurts ~ but what it does is break down scar tissue. Over time it increases mobility, reduces soreness, and increases range of motion all over the body.  It should be used daily.

I even use it between events at competitions. Now that i am on crutches and not able to perform traditional stretching i depend on it almost completely to maintain my range of motion.

Its tough to understand the power of the "Rumble Roller" unless you use it for a week.  But i am a very thrifty man, and id happily shell out the cash  for another one.

Ask me questions on this one guys its a life saver;
Mike ~ mauiandcali@gmail.com


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