Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Researching the VACOcast ` updated 12/16 500pm

It is a fancy cast that promises a lot of good things.

I am going to start researching tomorrow

update: I called the company today. They were very nice.  The VACO replaces a walking boot.  They claim faster healing speed then a traditional boot.  I called my doc, they had not heard of the boot, and said i should discuss it with my doctor on the 21st.  The theory seem sound.

Update 12/16/2011 - YOU CAN SWIM IN IT!!!! oho man i have to go for it.  I used to swim a lot , coached swimming, and swam masters ~ man to be able to be in the water would be an amazing blessing! Just think swim, hot tub, steam room, showering!!!! (if you are not injured this probably does not sound exciting but to me it sounds like Disneyland!!!!!!)