Monday, December 19, 2011

one month post fracture! light at the end of the tunnel!

one month since fracture - a month unlike any other in my life -
The past few days i am starting to feel a little bit like myself.  I have transitioned from exhaustion and constant suffering to something a little better.

I am in less pain ~ more energy and I am less depressed.  I still wish this injury had never had happened but a lot of good has come out of it.

"a list of positive things"
1. I am no longer training with the coach/team i was on at the time of injury.  I learned a hell of a lot form my old coach ~ but when push came to shove it was not the program for me.  way too negative and wolfpackish.  with reflection i realized the training had lost its fun.  Every workout was just a string of putdowns on each other.  we bullied each other into progressing.  i am so glad i dont train with them any more.
2. i have found a new coach/team the focus is fun and improvement
3. I appreciate my job like never before ~ if i did not have health insurance and supportive family at work i would not have survived.  I only missed 2 days of work ! that was only possible with teamwork.
4. most important lesson learned - SLOW DOWN!!!!! from now on i am going to pay a hell of a lot more attention to my body.  I was in pain all over my body for months ~ i had so many chances to back off the training but i did not.
5. appreciate the freedom that mobility offers
*going to the park with my son
* backpacking

~ i am going to do a lot more less intense fun stuff with my family and friends ie ~ fun runs (5k 10k, zombie runs, just have fun) everything does not have to be done at 110% - what the fun in that

6. time with my family! what a blessing - i never neglected my family but i was often so beat up from training that i did not enjoy them.

7. nutrition - I have been super focused since the injury and by body is better off
8. mobility - mobility training just got moved to the front of the line

thanks to all on this web site that keep me connected with others on similar roads.