Friday, December 2, 2011

12/02/2011 ~ Its FRIDAY!!!!!

At work, happy to be working.  Pain is lower every day, the kids keep me smiling. My friends son passed away this week (that will keep things in perspective) and the viewing is this afternoon after work.  I am going ~ it is going to be painful on the leg; but friends are worth pain.

Oho the power of words: Over the years I have relied a lot on my physical presence to maintain a good learning environment in my classroom.  Being in a cast and stuck at my desk and made me take a completely different psychological approach to classroom management.  I have to use words, patience, and intelligence in order to keep the students moving forward.  It has become much more of a chess game.

1208 - This is where the day starts to go slow. My legs and hips tighten up and my ankle + foot start cramping up.  I do not really leave my classroom, its too hard to get around fast enough to get things done so I am here in the room all day.  This is mentally tough, the mind wonders and it is easy to become filled with negative thoughts.

1143pm - arghh

Jason and Tracy my prayers are with you at this time of darkness.  I am so sorry for your loss ~ when the pain is too much lean on one of the many people who love you guys.
~ Mike
Here is a link about the family and what they have been through in the past 6 weeks.