Monday, December 12, 2011 ~ scooter review

Scooter ! 

I added handles and foot pegs for my 3 year old, now we can go to the park again. 

Pain is easy to deal with.  Lack of mobility is depressing.  After 3 weeks of crutches it was getting to my head.  I needed a way to move faster.  My son was desperate to play with me.  I needed to be able to cook and clean by myself (my wife is about to have a baby.

My solution " " ~ In the beginning I had too much pride to "need" a scooter.  The reality is crutches are a horrible way to move around.  They take both arms, you cant do anything.  I just ended up on the floor and the furniture getting depressed.

So i decided that looking silly is far less important to getting around.

I called the company and they were very nice.  The cost is 100 bucks for a month, I do not have much money (a teacher) but I will skip some meals to get around easier.

The scooter arrived 2 days later.  The set up was easy.  I only planned on using it around the house and to take walks with my family.

This morning it is raining.  Crutches slip easily ~ do I call in sick to work?

No! man up, take the laughs and just get on the scooter.

Wow! I can get around work!!!! I don not care how i look.  I can do my job better.

Very happy!!!!!