Friday, December 9, 2011

12 9 ~The dummies guide to coping with a broken foot! ` FRIDAY!!!!

Synopsis of the day
  1.  Ankle is good. The crutches are destroying me mentally.
    1. Here is a good resource, "The dummies guide to coping with a broken foot"
      1. below are some highlights from the web site
1) In the absence of a wheelchair, a basic computer chair on wheels makes an excellent alternative. I am now able to move around the downstairs with quite some speed. It also enables me to carry items, which is not possible with crutches. I wouldn’t advise going out in public on your computer chair. You’d probably get some funny looks – stick to the crutches in public places!

6) Create cushion mountains. For the first few days it’s essential to keep your foot elevated. I have created a cushion mountain on the sofa, one on my bed and also have a stool and cushion which I use whilst sat at my computer. I also find that my foot is more uncomfortable than painful and padding it with cushions whilst I am sat down or in bed trying to sleep eases the discomfort.

8 ) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Being stuck in the house might be driving you round the twist…but it’s a long way to hobble to my local shop on crutches – I got half way before a friend intervened thankfully! I’ve had loads of offers of help and people really don’t mind taking a trip to the shop for you (they wouldn’t offer otherwise). Spare your arms/shoulders/hands and healthy leg the trauma.