Saturday, December 31, 2011

7 months till i can really run / backpack again

some advice from a friend on "" sometimes realty is a daunting thing

Hey mike.

Some good news, you will play again im sure of that.

I broke my fib an inch above the ankle, no surgery, cast 4 weeks, boot 10
days..., back in normal shoes within 6 weeks.
I made my return to competitive soccer 15 weeks after fracture.

So returning to sport is clearly possible.

The bad news is unless you have had a broken leg before then you have no
idea of the massive battle you face to first of all take that first step,
then moving on to walking properly, building leg strength again, then
further down starting to run again...

you will get pain in different areas once you start weight bearing,, one day
in one place then its somewhere else,, it can really get you down,, this is
due to the lack of mobility your ankle has had in the cast.. it does calm
down on its own but pt is a definite if you can afford it.

Do not underestimate how hard this journey is,, what ever time you have in
your head for recovery,, double it and that is more like the reality..

Sorry for being doom and gloom,, im just trying to give you realistic idea
of what to face,,