Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GREAT ! ~ 11/29 First check up

A good morning.
Yesterday I went to work it was great.  Painful but great to be productive.

Today I have a check up on my cast.

One of three things is happening.
1. I have somehow messed up the setting of the fracture.
2. My swelling has gone down and the cast has shifted , thus pinching a point on my ankle creating acute pain.
3. I need to grow a pair and just accept the pain and discomfort (no problem as long as I know the pain is normal).

The doc and his nursers are great people.  I think they knew that I wanted an x-ray and see how things were going.
~ they said they really wanted me to have peace of mind.  the x-rayed me and Dr. Huber came in to see me before an operation.
The X-RAY looked great, I am healing fast.  I am ahead of schedule.
Good doctors in your life are an amazing asset.
Thanks to my doctor! Dr. Glenn J. Huber, M.D.

Torrance Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group ~ Amazing People

* Visited a new BOX today RBCF