Monday, November 28, 2011

11 29 back to work

1035 AM ~ back at work, back in the classroom. the leg is throbbing but I am so happy to be around people.  I am also glad I have a good positive rapport with my students, they could make my life hell if they did not respect me.

0215 - Leg is starting to throb ~ but its cool. Blessed to be here
0241 - oof - sick of sitting here 18 minutes to go; I have a couple of things to do after school.
Picture~ this is probably the best use ever for an American Gov book

0421 - so im home. thank goodness, the pain is high, it is like my leg has been inflated with blood.  I am glad the first day of work is over.  I took no pain pills since this morning, I dont know if I can do that every day