Wednesday, November 23, 2011

11/23 day 4

Woke up and feeling down and defeated. Not going to let the negativity get to me.

1. Pain woke me up - only took 1/2 a Vicodin -  trying to use as little as possible.
2. Breakfast - fruit, almonds, and the normal supplements + protein shake.
3. Work out
a. walk around block
b. Muscle endurance set (60 minute max)
1. Arrowhead Press
2. Purple Bands
3. Green Pull ups
4. Push Ups 20/40/30max
5. Medicine ball ups
6. Leg Ups
*1. Round 1 - 21 minutes
*2. Round 2 - 22
*3. Round 3 - 17 minutes (timed out)
~ time out of 100 sit ups

Spoke with 3 different crossfit gyms. All super positive ~ I am going to check them out next week.

~ The past is the past ~ the future does not exist yet ~ what matters is now.

PM Update ~ Bored, this is going to be a mental challenge.
Positive ~ The new Rambo is on and I have the house to myself (i guess it is not all bad).  Contemplating resting tomorrow; should I keep the 5/6 days a week of working out? I do not know.
I did a lot of stretching and mobility work today.  I got my hips to open up for the first time.  I have been talking to everyone that I can who has had an ankle injury.
Most of the advice is the same.
1. Watch what you eat. (I am going to eat vegetables, fruit, and meat only until I get the cast off - except for the cream and sugar in my coffee).
2. Mobility seems to be the most problematic long term issue for most people.  I have to stay flexible.
3. It is hard to come back to your sport. ~ I am going to try getting back into a gym next week.  Even if its just to do a few things, I need to stay mentally in the game.