Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11/22/2011 day 3

Day 3 AM (600)
1. Pain - yes pain is high ~ as if my leg is being inflated with some liquid under the cast
2. Spirits - argh ~ medium .  I am avoiding pain killers till as late in the day as possible
3. Workout
I have a 60 minute workout planned
4. Nutrition - fruit, vegetables, meat
5. Stretching and mobility (60 minutes planned)

I will post before bed to report on days plan

PM 830 (summary)
1. shave and sponge bath
2. workout
a. walk around the big block
b. strength and endurance - 20 pushups, 5 min bands, 20 pushups, arrowhead seated press, 20 push, 25 heavy medicine balls, 20 push, coffee table dips max,
c. green pull ups max
d. foam roll and ball streching
e. 100 sit ups

Dinner with Ed, Tony and Juen at the habbit