Sunday, March 18, 2012

The week of rest with photo

The week of rest and fighting the cold.
I trained pretty minimally this week.  Fighting a cold + mentally burnout + teacher burnout + $$ stress.
I rowed stereched and tried to get to sleep as early as possible.


1. Life changes
a. I installed an app on my phone that makes is silent from 7pm to 7am
b. I stopped all alerts on my phone (email, facebook, ect)

2. Food
a. I ate more meat
b. less (almost none) furit + paleo baked goods
c. more berries
d. tried to eat more veggies (this will be next weeks focus)


1. Back to some good efficient training
2. Time change adjustment is hopefully over so I can enjoy the morning workouts again.
3. try not to make appointments before lectures (get to work as late as possible)
4. eat as much veggies as possible
5. continue to reduce the baked goods as much as possible

on monday i weigh in and start weeks 10,11,12 of paleo living