Sunday, March 11, 2012

pictures (last weeks WODs and this weeks plans)

Last weeks wods;
went well
added tire flips
added 35 lb kettle bell
happy with the progress

Last weeks paleo
berries are going out of season so i need to find new fruits
all food is going up in price about 20% - due to gas prices
this is having a tough effect on my families food budget
cutting out things like coconut water and chocolate
eating less nuts

next weeks plans

very sore and hungry this weekend
going to take it easy until energy returns
20 row monday through saturday is the prescribed routines
all other workouts that happen will occur if the energy and time is there (adjusting to day light savings time) i train in the mornings before work
so i am loosing an hour of that time

id rather sleep then lift

added tire flips and heavier kettle bell

planned recovery week