Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lifting ~ the best resource out there! Dan John

I keep circling back to overtraining. Here is another great article about planning your workouts in a 365 day view ~ which is much healthier than going balls out every day.

You see, it comes to this sometimes: people ask me questions because their mouths can formulate noises and these noises can heard by my ears to make my brain work. The questioner has the ability to literally ask anything as my friend Crazy Jerry used to say: “You have a Toyota in your nose.” You can say the sentence, but it means nothing.

I have this believe that you can only train HARD in blocks of two, four, six and, maybe, eight weeks. Then, you slide back to “medium.” For dieting purposes, the great ones get it: Atkins Two Week Induction is genius. Chris Shugart’s Velocity Diet of 28 days of practically nothing but protein shakes works. After those short intense bouts with food, you are different: celery becomes butter and carrots are candy. It’s hard to live normally like that. Now, we all know that the best diet and exercise program for fat loss is found in the book, “The Road.” I enjoy telling people it is a delightful comedy…

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A Couple of New Year Ideas for You!

Well, as 2012 opens its eyes, many of us are in the midst of personal resolutions and body revolutions. In my life, 2011 was one of the best years of my life with amazing changes in key areas of my life and a total left hip replacement. The hip surgery was life illuminating for me: I learned that pain leads to all kinds of issues and you need to deal with it.

I am never going to tell you that pain is bad altogether. It is the body (and the Universe!) warning you that you need to take a moment to rethink a few things. In the past few years, there has been a surge of people giving advice about eliminating pain. All too often, when you start trying to eliminate pain “here,” you discover a ton of pain “there.” And, “there” and “there” and “there.” Moreover, I recently had some great insights from an Orthopedic surgeon who laughed at this idea that you can go to a workshop and dispense advice about hip, shoulder, neck, back and finger pain in a weekend. I think it is also illegal in most states.

So, be careful here: I DO think that we can do more than just cut the body open. Two excellent new products are on the market that reflect the kinds of things I believe in. For example, I have discussed the role of yoga, especially Bikram Yoga, in aiding most of us with mobility and flexibility. Bikram Yoga also seems to be an excellent sleep aid and did wonders for me as I approached my surgery. Post surgery, I discovered that I am banned from a number of the movements, so I have found some other forms that work just as well. This kind called “Gentle Yoga,” where I hold a pose for up to five minutes, is as misnamed as “Tough Love” in the RKC.